Lens to world: Encore

This week, in 2014, I realized a dream I had first imagined camping out on my parents' porch as kid. I looked at a book about the Amazon and pictured myself in a dugout canoe, the trees towering over me, dwarfing me under mother nature.
I spent ten years getting the money together for a journey around the world: I sold or gave away most of what I owned, And left on my year-long journey with two missions.
The first was to volunteer with linguists who are helping communities with under-documented or disappearing languages to make the first dictionaries and preserve their culture and language, and to share stories of people who make a difference in the lives of others along the way, to prove the power of everyday people to create change.
Join me as we relive the journey, which inspired me daily, forced me to face my fear often to do what mattered most, and transformed how I see the world.
Come with me, with a lens to the world.
[My first post, April 7] (http://blog.krisdreessen.com/2014/04/07/journey-of-a-lifetime)