Everyday people: A freedom fighter

"I gave my youth to fight in the revolution with Sandinistas. I saw the awful things what Somoza's National Guard did to people ... They shot people and left them in the street. Sometimes they lit the bodies on fire. If you were out after 5, it's possible they would take you. It was a crime to be young," says freedom fighter Benito Chavez, who was 20 when he helped oust the Nicaraguan dictator.
Protests had started twenty years before the actual war started in the 1970s. Somoza wanted to eliminate youth, who could go to war.
When the Sandinistans won, people filled the national plaza in Managua.
Benito was among them.
"It felt like all Nicragaua was there, he said.
He now leads tours at the Museum of the Heroes and Martyrs of the Sandinistan Revolution.