TedX talk April 13: I'm sharing our story of fearless living and DIY change

I'm honored to give a TedX talk Wednesday, April 13, at SUNY Geneseo campus on:

"Living Fearlessly and the Power to Make a Difference:
One person can change everything. Being scared means you're doing it right."

I'm up all nights practicing, talking about being afraid and doing the most important things anyway, and demonstrating how we all have power to make a tremendous difference.

Want to join us?
There are 6 excellent speakers. I'm up first

Tickets: ($7 Just 42 left)

Full description:
Kris Dreessen, editor of the SUNY Geneseo alumni magazine and a freelance photographer and writer, gave up most her belongings in 2014 to live her dream: To travel around the world helping to document communities with disappearing or changing languages, and sharing stories of everyday people who make a difference in the lives of others. She believes we all have the ability to make tremendous change, and wants to prove it. She started by living with Nicaraguan farmers in El Sauce, with whom she built a preschool using $5,200 raised from family, friends and people who support the idea of do-it-yourself change. She has collaborated with linguists working with groups with under-studied languages in Kenya, Senegal and Australia, and is creating a visual and written scrapbook of the communities, focusing on what is important to them, changing culture and traditions still in use. She has been an outdoors and feature reporter, editor and photographer for newspapers and has visited 35 countries, usually solo and always with more memory cards than cash. Living with colonists in the Amazon rainforest inspired her long ago to share stories that might otherwise go untold. In 2006, she created The Friends Project, a grassroots effort that funds small improvement projects in developing communities she visits that are driven by residents.

•Read about my travels and the people who make a difference: www.wanderingkris.com
•Find out about The Friends Project: www.thefriendsproject.org