Dancing light: Northern Iceland

Somewhere south of the northern-most city in Iceland, Myvarten lake takes visitors past small farms, rock formations and the famous Dimmu Borgir.

The Dimmu Borgir are unusually shaped ancient lava fields that remind people of the ruins of an ancient castle.

Our crew got there past midnight. The clouds were too heavy to photograph the formations well. Tarek and I put our crampons on and walked between them, just enough visible light to make out the towering formations and follow the tracks, just to experience what they feel like to walk between them.

After, we drove back to Akeruyi on a different road, slow and winding in the blowing wind. Karim spotted some rocks by themselves and let me know.

This is was my first time photographing the aurora for the first time solo, without Karim within ear shot to ask some technical question.

In fact, I didn't like what we first spotted and instead went across the road to the formation that looked less … spectacular.

In fact, it wasn't.

somewhere near Laugar, northern Iceland