Ice caving in Jokulsarlon Glacier

One of the largest free-standing glaciers is Jokulsarlon, in southern Iceland. Huge ice sheets moved through here in 1251 and carved out the landscape .... seemingly endless fields of ice and snow, with black rocks jutting up from underneath, and beside, a lagoon famous for its floating ice caps and seals that swim near shore.

Tarek, Karim and I went with an outfit in the largest vehicles ever across the glacier, and to a small hole where we entered an ice cave.

Crampons kept us from losing our teeth; no slipping.

The ice was so blue! Inside, it can be 20 meters thick. Each year, the opening can change depending on whether nature fills in the opening or makes a new.

In one section, we crawled on our stomachs with our gear to get under a short opening and into the second ice cave area.

When we emerged, the sun and clouds made Jokulsarlson look like another planet ... I watched the clouds roll by and wondered what lay beyond.