Dancing northern lights

We stand on the side of the road in darkness, the Icelandic wind whirring in my hat and hood.
It is dark, and before the guys saw aurora but now it is gone. There are some green hues behind the clouds that rolled in.

We wait.

Some moments later, someone yells "Akhou Manyouke!" which is Arabic for "holy you know what." i look up.

Above me the aurora borealis are a smooth ribbon of green, making their down in front of us as if a river slowly snaking its way to the ground. There are bursts of rose and then it waves like a ribbon, and cascades to the left, above the snow-laden field that goes on forever.

It is the second time I've seen aurora like this and it's just as amazing as the first (in Alaska with my mom. Hi mom!)

I forget to depress the shutter of my Nikon for some seconds, then decide to take a few, but watch as if it might never happen again in my life.

Because it might not.

Life, ain't it grand.

I am a newbie at night photography; Karim is teaching me. Here are my first stabs. He's wearing red. This is where we saw the aurora.