Good morning, adventure!

Iceland aurora by karim boukarim

I boarded the plane from Iceland to Germany last year exhausted, my final stop on the round-the-world journey.

Two guys sat next to me. They looked exhausted, too, and carried tripods. "You photographers?"

That was a year ago this month.

In a few short hours I will fly to Reykjavik again to meet Karim and Tarek and five other Lebanese photographers to drive around Iceland and shoot the aurora borealis and whatever else we find over 10 days.

I'm not a group traveler. Agh! But it will be great and I'm excited to learn more about night photography, cry when I see the greens dancing about me in the heavens, dance under the stars and ribbons of light freezing in my fleece and wind jacket, and for the moments where there's not much of anything going on save for getting to know new friends.

Join me on the blog for the journey, and some cool photo collaborations we have worked out!

Some of the crew, from their trip last year:

(I brought a US flag but wanted an earth one.)