Mission: Listening at the homeless shelter

Checked into the Back Bay Mission, which has assisted people in one way or another for like 100 years, to start reporting, photographing and hammering and painting and hopefully tearing walls and roofs down .... and signed up Wednesday for a shift at the Mica Center, which provides showers and other assistance to homeless people in Biloxi ...

because the woman said if someone wants to talk, to share their story or play chess, or just sit and talk, stop your work and do it.

The woman who runs the joint said, "If someone wants to tell you their story, stop what you're doing and listen. A lot of these people never have someon who will take the time to listen to what they say or listen to what they need." You may think you're just playing cards, but it's important.
I'm in.

Ive been enroute 15 hours on 3 hours of sleep, and just banged out a story about a volunteer in 10 flat. I skipped and hit the other photographer, Keith, with pillows in Walmart and ate the worst dinner in history at Sonic (threw it out) and this trip is great already. writing about people trying to DO something?

I'm in.