A day in Dakar

I was awake 6 hours in Dakar and we had had a moonwalk dance lesson from Boris, pet goats in the street, got hauled into a family dance fete with 14 people packed into the front room that's the size of the Vertex bathroom and I had a mini dance session with my Senegalese mom, Madeline, on how to get low.
At night we all sat on the stoop and on stools and chairs in the street where it was only 150 million degrees.
Slept with Patricia trying not to snore in my delirium: I needed to go to bed but they fed me mangoes at 12 am and talked evil of man and debated if a snake is a snake or something more.
Boris and I went for a late-night walk. It is Ramadan and of tons of prayer circles and girls 10 deep waiting to get braids for the Muslim fetes today.
I never even left a 4 block radius.
Now I'm on my way to Ziguinchor.