This time last year ... We opened a school!

This time last year we — The Friends Project — opened the Las Minitas preschool in Nicaragua.

Wondering how Marisela, the teacher, and the kiddos are doing?

Enrique took these photos for us last week. Seventeen kids attend the school. Pretty sweet!

I remember sweating my face off, hauling bricks with Alcides, and how great it felt to see it all come together.

Little Joselito's handprints at the doorway will be there long after he and the other kiddos are into and out of elementary and high school, and ... who knows beyond. That's the awesomeness of this, right? We get to help them get started, and see where they go.

Thanks again. We raised $5,300 to help them realize their dream. WE do this!

the school, with the handprints
between classes
the teacher, Marisela