The internal magnet

The internal magnet ... Strikes again.
Tarik sat next to me on the plane. He flew from Lebanon to photograph Iceland at night. He works at a bank and photographs as a passion.
He was so awesome we talked for three hours. We cheered when we lived upon touchdown and I would have wanted another hours to keep talking.

At Frankfurt baggage claim, I saw the same guy who I helped get on the bus in Reykjavik. He waited for me for half an hour for my backpack to walk with me to the terminal and wished me bon voyage.

I was met by Susanne, who offered me to stay with her my final night... After my friend Gaby asked friends of friends for the invite.

She is awesome and I'm having an awesome time talking with her from everything of inner power and freedom to social roles and tasty baklava.

She invited a friend for dinner because she plays roller Derby here in Darmstadt...we all had a grand time and agreed to the magnet.

Susanne also says when you want something there's always a way it will work out. I'll take that magnet too..