The internal magnet

I am always talking about "the internal magnet." Simply put, I believe we have a magnet inside that with the right oomph and attitude, you are guided to the right people in life.

Like tonight.

I went into the Lebowski Bar because there's a sign out front that says if you're a racist of asshole, don't come in. There's one seat in the place. I take it and tell the guy why I'm there.

He's probably the one guy in all Iceland who has also been with the Cocama tribe in the Amazon. And Zambia. And he's been to Nunavut, Canada, where I want to go. He helped the Cocama learn English to start an ecotourism business. What!!? I write about remote communities doing just that.

We had a lovely discussion about those travels, the pros and cons of such tribal endeavors, and cracking and sea extraction of resources... He's a geologist, here giving a lecture on how ocean resources and conditions...

I told him about the magnet, which was in full swing this evening. We agreed.

  • at the Lebowski Bar, Reykjavik, Iceland