English? One person. Just enough.

Landed in Dakar, Senegal!
A few weeks ago, I never imagined myself here. I was headed to Nepal.
No one speaks English, except one police at customs. Just enough!
He let me get my bags and come back through that airport gate of no return. Had someone walk me upstairs to a lounge, where for $12 I can spend the night in a safe lounge with couches and WiFi. He's coming to get me at 6 a.m. to check in.

Nice. It was so easy because I asked, and it is a relief to not be standing on a curb or before a closed air counter for seven hours.

I better learn French.

And already it begins. All exposed skin is being attacked by mosquitoes. Inside! Oh how they love this sugar-filled mzungu blood.

The adventure begins.