Walk into the sun.

My girl Tanya has shared with some of the best music for traveling — for staring out the train window and running where your mind takes you. "Fluke" by Puppy is one.
And this.

I can't imagine how many times I listened to this song on my iPod, walking to the library, home, or just wandering the streets in Kalgoorlie, the Outback mining town I spent 6 weeks in interviewing the Aboriginal groups and learning a lot about life, what it is I don't know, letting go and moving on at the same time.

I kinda hated this video at first. It seemed, trite. But in the end, it speaks to me for this reason: There was one day, a very bad one, emotionally. I had made a bed pretty painful to lie in and I spent a long portion of the hours laying on my back, getting scorched by the Aussie sun and letting myself drag deeper down until I forced myself back up to face another day.

It was like walking into the sun again, and the universe told me several times that night it would be OK — Andrew from the hostel called to say, where are you? Come! I am making dessert for you and the guys are waiting. I rode a bike lent by another friend from the hostel, and lifted my feet into the dusk and rode like a kid.

There are so many hours out here, where I am forced to be patient, to sit still. The Zen of bus riding, if you will.

I meet new people all the time. Sometimes myself.