Finding your niche, anywhere.

Well that was AWESOME!

500M from the apartment is the Romer, a little bar/club I'm sad it took me 3 weeks to find.
It's dark but light, purple, and small, and it seemed people knew each other. I hung out by myself, danced by myself ... but like for 10 minutes, then a few regulars took me in like a stray cat!

Dancing like you mean it and don't care is the worldwide icebreaker, turns out. I told Martin I wanted HARD stuff, Sepultura, Ratamahatta! A few minutes later, the owner — who is also the DJ on metal night — played it.

I danced to Fear Factory, I danced to Prodigy (not metal, who cares!) and talked to Martin and Christian about politics and agnosticism and religion and Rwandan genocide and Obama and how there are 400 kinds of German bread and yes, they are certainly ALL delicious and just eat them all, who cares, and why New Jersey sucks and racism and how he wants to go to Ohio for a reason they don't understand, and the internal magnet that guides people to the right ones, and yes, that's a beautiful idea ...

At 430 I finally decided to walk the 500M home, as I have Karneval, roller derby and goth night and dancehall/reggae tomorrow ...

At first, I was a bit sad no one asked me for my email or what have you, then I was definitely not.
This place is just like Vertex: small, regulars in a small scene and when they left, they simply said, "See you here Friday. If we have a party, we call."
People. I like them. Life. It is good. It is what you make of it. People.

I went home with this:
"It was so great to speak with you. I like you. You are American, but no so American."

Ha. I like these people.