$35. School for a YEAR.


Happy birthday to Alonso, here, who is celebrating by also starting his second year of college in Nicaragua, thanks to support by our Friends Project!
We have assisted 3 teens in completing high school and Alonso and Jessenia with their dream of being the first to graduate college.

Not sure you can make a dent? $35 is what it takes for an entire YEAR of high school; $300 for college.

We're trying to raise $740 total for the 2 college scholarships and 4 high school this year in El Sauce.

As you can see, everything makes a big difference, and means school or not in many cases. It's also tax deductible!

You can do it easy, online, here: (http://www.journeysofsolutions.com/?q=node%2F72)
or email me at krisdreessen@gmail.com for other ways :-)

*This photo was taken in June 2014, soon after we celebrated The Friends Project preshool opening in Las Minitas. Alonso drew our logo and translated "small gifts, big power"