Love it when a plan comes together.

Ignatius moody shot on his land

In a field very green from winter rains, down a dirt road outside the village, my friend Ignatius is among those who are ready to build.

They see the future, with a three-unit apartment building and a small house and what can be. What will be in demand.

He's laid the foundation for several buildings in this area of the Copperbelt in Zambia. He works in another country now, but is investing in his hometown.

Some of us drove out to look at the site. It was cloudy but nice, and we navigated some muddied deep car tracks on the road. If I stood up on the roof, I could see into the forest at the Congolese border, off in the distance.

It was peaceful, it was nice, I could see the apartments done and the kids that would be running around.

I told Ignatius we were going to take some "business tycoon" shots. You know, the quintessential business mag shot — entrepreneur, with arms crossed, shot from below to look taller and powerful, and maybe tossing some "I just put the shovel in the ground" dirt in the air.

But first I took this one (above), before I told him my grand photo plan.

I love it. The mood. The clouds as the rain settled in.

I love it when I'm out and I can envision just how the image will be, and when I get back and upload it and go "Ooooh! Cool!"

When it's of friends and for fun, it's somehow even better. Everyday life and moments, looking somehow epic, because in the end, they are.

So I present to you the tycoon shoot, and the goofballs our crew really were. Plant in hand, being ... being.

Happy Friday everyone.

—* in Copperbelt region, Zambia*