Trip down memory lane.

Ah, good times. Trip down Tuesday's memory lane.
Every day is memory lane on the road. It's amazing how moments - seemingly insignificant, have you remember things you had forgotten.

Today it was my host sister from years ago in Germany saying, remember when you went to the doctor with a migraine and he gave you pills to put up your bum and you said, "I don't have a pain my ass, man, it's in my head!"

I had forgotten that one.

Thinking about Nicaragua today and great times with great friends - we look like bangers here ready to sled down Cerro Negro volcano. Man, I miss it.

I'd like to point out that I was stung by something up here, before this photo was taken and we were unsure it was a bee, but I did stop for a photo and still sledded down that sucker despite not knowing if i would go into allergic shock. I'm deathly allergic to bee and wasp stings.
That's right. This day, I was badass.
(I was also standing on top of the volcano, so what else to do?)

— at Cerro Negro, Nicaragua