This is important too. So why don't we know about it?

While France is recovering from the Charlie Hebdo massacre, this also happened: Islam extremist militant group Boko Haram massacred up to 2,000 people in Nigeria.

Nothing is left of the town. It's burned and destroyed, and there's too many bodies in the street to count. Those who fled ran over the corpses or those severely injured and many drowned trying to swim away.

Boko Haram is also the same group that kidnapped some 200 school girls in Nigeria a few months ago; no one has found them yet.

Virtually no major media attention has been given to this massacre. I am just now reading about it in The Guardian and Washington Post.


There's been some discussion online with some friends, and most of it gets placed at major media's feet. Well deserved.

For me?

In Africa, where I was in Zambia, people talked about Boko Haram. But there's not a lot of news. Many peopel didn't have TVs or read newspapers and where I was is 13KM from the Congolese border. Congo is one of the most dangerous places in Africa.

Maybe there's so much strife and violence and conflict in Africa that it gets overlooked? It is another tragedy among so many? These conflicts and massacres continally prevent countries and people from making strides, from having some hope.

I think for western cultures, if it does not directly affect us, with killing or impact or oil production or in some way dirctly affect us, media doesn't care too much, and the majority of people, don't care either. So it perpetuates.