Frankfurt action hero

This is has got to be one of the coolest subway entrances in the world: Bockenheim Warte in downtown Frankfurt, Germany.

I found it searching for "weird things" in the city and introdcued it to Ralph, my friend and host here. He'd never known about it.

Another friend is creating a graphic novel about vampires. My character? Is roaming the world looking for the "real" first vampire, as I don't believe it's Dracula. I'm gonna send him this photo too.

We messed around pretending we were running out of the subway car breaking the ground and out ....

Why wasn't everyone doing this? How were we the only ones?

Architect Zbiginiew Peter Pininski reported he felt inspired by surrealist artist René Magritte when creating this, in 1986.

Maybe everyone's done it already. But I think the office workers to our right have a pretty fun daily show.

— Frankfurt, Germany