Welcome to Zambia

I landed in Lusaka, Zambia, on dec. 18 , after a very long journey from Bremen, Germany, which started with a night drive to my old home of Paderborn and then a train to Frankfurt. My flight to Ethiopia was fine and thankfully two hours less than I thought because a kid in front of me was determined to
To scream her head off non stop. Non stop. Non stop. Three hours in we all gave up trying to sleep. The air force guy next to me asked if there was a child's psychologist on board. Ha.

In Ethiopia, I was beyomd exhausted but wanted to be awake when my friend Iggy got me at the airport so I found a reclining chair after peeing, surprised an international hub couldn't bother to stock toilet paper or soap and employees were washing their armpits in the sinks.

I found a woman who was also going to Lusaka and we promised to wake each other up. If someone could manage to steal mycamera crawling over me and a poorly potted fake plant, id be impressed.

In line for security, a Bemba woman taught me two more phrases to impress ... good to meet you and ...um I cant remember. Phoenetically, good yo meet you is "chow a may oo kay koo mana."

I have since learned thank you, good friend, toilet but not the where is the toilet part ...and let's go! And the nearly useless "fincosa, " if I see a burning desire to discuss my bracelets.

Iggy was there to meet me with his dad, and we went and talked in a bar cafe to wait for our flight to Ndola, where I am now and spending Christmas. It is very nice to be part of a family in Zambia, really being part of everyday life. Taking walks to see church. Walks to see where Margaret built an outreach to help orphans and needy families. Eating nshima. Sometimes even being bored sitting around the house or being long enough in someone's company theres not much to say for a bit.

I have not "seen" much so far but am getting a very personal intimate feeling of life here and being part of a family.

Which is amazing.
Now. To try to better understand something in Bemba! !!