I hate packing.

After 30 countries in my life and living in the Amazon, you'd think I would be faster and better at packing. This is what I have discovered:

  1. I will fill the bag. So I should buy smaller.

  2. Even if I only have 2 bags of stuff in my world, I will spread it all out and start from scratch (why?)

  3. I never use 3/4 of what i bring. But I want options and everything seems like I need it — before I get there.
    3a. If i have to catch a bus and there's just no time, I can do it in 25. But I have to already be ON the road.

  4. Being a photographer, whether amateur in your blood or pro in your blood, means you always carry more crap than you'd like to. If you don't have it, you're sad.

I remember one time, in Brazil, we went to Maranhao island. ONE day only I decided not to lug my camera and just "live" what we saw. What we saw was a farmer in the heat with a water buffalo plowing a field, and THOUSANDS OF RED BIRDS FLYING AWAY AT THE SAME TIME SURROUNDING HIM ... and ugh. (slaps head).