Die Schönste Zeit!

I heart Bosse. Olaf introduced me to him about 6 years ago, while visiting him. The guy was singing about how people sit in the waiting room of life, waiting for luck or the guts to get out there, and the next song? About being far away and running ther, and about friendships and ... and ....

I love his lyrics. They speak to me.
And for my late birthday present? Olaf took me to his special acoustic show at Pier in Bremen.

It was so excellent!
One of his songs is "Schonste Zeit," about growing up and his friends and "first" at 15. Many of my "firsts" in a sense were here in Germany at 17, living abroad for the first time, discovering I could make a life - a great life - somewhere else and entirely new. Decades later, here we are, Olaf and I, and my other friends scattered throughout the country.