Today's RTW adventure: On Sesame Street!

No one has to tell any of us how to get to Sesame Street ... it's ingrained in our blood from when we were wee small, but teeny tiny Mina kept me on my toes today, as I photographed her and mom Liz and dad Rob at one of Rochester's coolest venues — the National Museum of Play.

Thank you so much to the Reays, who are among many generous supporters of this Power of Everyday People project of mine, who helped me raise more than 100 percent of my indiegogo campaign goal to continue sharing stories of how people make a difference, all over the world.

Ever kind and fun and generally awesome, I knew they'd do something fun: Hey Kris, why waste a photojournalist with posed shots?! Let's play!

I had a blast and am exhausted. I told Liz that shooting Mina is like the good old days being a news photographer – no time to pose, check lighting or set things up. No one pauses at a protest, say, and neither does Mina. That's what made it cool.

Thank you to everyone who supports this DIY revolution!