Help keep this project rolling! 10 hours left in the crowd funding campaign

A few weeks ago I started a small crowdfunding campaign to assist me in reaching the next destinations for the Power of Everyday People project.

I leave Dec. 6 again for the next phase, and will go no matter what ... but could use some help gettting to there.

10 hours left in my crowd funding campaign to share stories of the power of everyday people, and documenting small and endangered languages around the world!!!
Brian is the last Kaalamaya speaker on Earth, and has Alzheimer's. He entrusted his Aboriginal people's stories to me.
The Ngalia invited me to travel along their dreamtime of creation of their sacred land. In Kenya? The Tiriki and Valogoori and Bukusu welcomed me into their lives, and to witness and share some of their most sacred customs as I volunteered alongside linguists documenting their languages.
Hardley uses his family truck to transport the dead. Residents recovering from earthquake create art together in the rubble. Sunde no longer hunts lions, he is their guardian.
Who will we meet next?

If you'd like to support this mission ... there's 10 hours left to try and break and surpass the goal of $3,200.

It is a start and would be awesome to surpass it; all will be put toward the project, airfare and very modest dorm-room accommodation.

This is about the power of everyday people to make tremendous change. People make a difference every day. We just don't hear about them. We are shining a light on these stories: We are making our own good news.

And I am taking you on the journey.
Above all, please share the blog website and tell your friends (and even those you don't quite like!) and spread the word of what we're doing here!

My indiegogo campaign can be found [here}.(