Snakelegs. She's back!

Rebecca at Beadz Unlimited

There was a death here in New Zealand and all of you who know me know the depths of my despair that "THE" snake necklace bit the dust.

It got squished on the Virgin Australia flight.
His tail was crushed and unraveling.

I have another in Rochester but that was very very far away and I can't imagine being without it: I have worn this snake since I was 14 and bought it in Amsterdam.

Of the many unexpected joys I found in Christchurch – land of the "this is a boring city" reviews that are simply untrue (I think they don't know where to look!) — I found a shop called Beadz Unlimited.

I asked them to clip a stray wire from the necklace I made, and to fix the snake. Expected nothing. But tried.

This lovely lady, Rebecca, thought a moment, had an idea, and took this tool that looked like a grill fork and worked some magic.


$3.50 later, I am my own woman again.

Rebecca also keeps a blog: She takes a photo every day. I like that idea.

Me, in Queenstown, with the snake!