No NZ flight for you!

No New Zealand flight for you! (Make sure you say that in the "Soup Nazi" Seinfeld voice)

For the very first time, I have missed my international flight.
I was there. I was in line. I had to produce a ticket proving I will leave New Zealand ... but when I went to print one out there was no reservation for me.
I could not get on without one.
I watched my flight go. I was not on it. My phone wouldn't call the states. Skype dropped. My phone died. I was on the Virgin Australia staff members' phone for TWO AND A HALF HOURS with various people - one who hung up on me - and finally it turns out Air Canada changed my schedule without notifying me or emailing me.
They made my NZ flight a day later but my Toronto-ROC flight a day earlier, so therefore I had nothing.

The ONLY reason I was not out this leg and my entire return flight - thousands of dollars - is that United (my credit is with them) took pity and rebooked my entire NZ to ROC flight without charge despite being likely more. I had to pay $145 to go tomorrow with Virgin ... but thankfully the virgin woman took pity on me (and also thanked me for not screaming at them like people usually do) and waived their change fee. Or it would be $245.
I then got the shuttle back to this hostel and am waiting for it to open so I can check in again and do this all over again, having spent $145 on NOTHING except Air Canada messing with me.
I cleaned the hostel for $170 the last 2 weeks to try and save/keep money.
So this is really pissing me off!
But thanks to the Virgin woman, the United phone woman (who did NOT hang up on me) and the shuttle guy, who just dropped me off, free of charge.
That was not fun.
Now I am going to resurrect this day because there is nothing I can do about it.