My Blood Moon rising

This evening marks a lunar eclipse — seen by people all over the world, including 11,000 miles away in my hometown of Rochester, NY.

It is the second of the tetrad – a series of four successive total lunar eclipses, with no partial lunar eclipses in between, each separated from the other by six lunar months. The first one? April 2014.

I watched that one from my temporary home of Nicaragua.

This is what it looked like in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

I was busy writing about my experiences with the final Tjupan speakers; Alex came and got me. "What are ya doin'? It's a red moon out there! It only lasts an hour. Go get 'yer camera, woman!"

Thanks. I would have missed it, my head buried in the screen, fingers typing furiously.

The photos are handheld, without a tripod, and I set the white balance on my trusty Nikon to "cloudy," because i like the Mars-type feel to go with what looks, to me, like a red balloon floating out over Hay Street.

The Blood Moon seems to refer to a Biblical prophecy I don't know much about, but it does look like someone dipped the moon in a little finger bowl of bright-red blood.

The moon over Hay Street. The streets are the width of four-lane highways to make way for camel trains that brought in equipment for the pipeline 'back when.'

The moon, as it appeared to our naked eye.