First impressions.

I like it when my day ends when I can make this statement to someone I have met for a few days here and had good talks with:
I like you. You have a good brain on you. When they ask me why, I can truthfully say that they seem like a thoughtful person, who has dreams and a passion and wants to really live.

Time for bed.

This was preambled by discussions about aboriginal history and rights, experiences, education v. experience in the real world, how to correctly armor your bike tire against these nasty nasty constant prickly thorns, a fine fresh tasty date pudding, what the hell "grouse" means here in Australia (translated: awesome), that internal magnet that allows you to decipher when someone is going to have conflict with you, and his out of the blue offer to do a bit of housework for me tomorrow that I had agreed to do because I have a big day and don't feel well.

I said no of course. But wow, that was tempting.
Thanks Andrew from Eritrea, you are seemingly pretty awesome folk. Glad you are here in Kalgoorlie, landed here.