Toad in the toilet!

Now that's a first.

I just flushed the toilet and a toad jumped out of the water and up the side of the bowl. I tried to save him for a better life, but he dove back into the toilet pipes!

ā€” in Leonora, Western Australia

UPDATE: 20 minutes later:
In what can only be described as a what the f**k moment, I just went to the OTHER bathroom in here and as I flushed, I watched to make sure I wasn't crazy.

One, two, three, FOUR toads leaped out from under the seat into the bowl!!!

Waaaahh!! What the F**K! I screamed.... they were leaping all around the bowl, then back under the rim.

I took a photo because I know you freaks won't believe me.

Only in the Outback!