Good news reminder: Fulfilling a dream

Today, this is going up as a reminder of the power of everyday people — us, them, here, there, and way out there.

This is your English class in Las Minitas, that farmers and their families have sought for several years and we as The Friends Project have provided since June 2013! The exhibit July 23 in Honeoye falls that I gave and so many attended to show photos and talk about what it was like to build the preschool with these families brought in enough donations to fund the class another three months! Plus some.

Here is your English class (and can you spot me?).

And here is Alonso Martinez. We "everyday people" have also helped him graduate from high school with a $35 scholarship each year - the cost of supplies.

He is now realizing his dream of attending college in Leon. He wants to be a teacher, thanks to our class. An English teacher, helping students learn new skills for communication and also good job opportunities. For him, that will mean tourism in Las Minitas as well.

Alonso is in his first year. We provide a $350 scholarship — most of the cost of taking a bus there on Saturdays, and books, supplies.

Alonso gets a lift or walks 3 hours down from Las Minitas on Fridays, stays overnight at a relative's house in El Sauce, then take a bus 2 hours to Leon for the day of class, then takes it back and walks back up - 3 hours - to Las Minitas.

And shows up at English class Sunday afternoon and again Monday morning at 7:45 a.m.

Talk about sweat equity.

Worth it.


PS As I upload this there is a chicken crowing off in the distance, in this semi-desert Australian town. Hommage to Nicaragua!!