Does it pay to be a good person?

Girls hugging at Xiomara's house in El Sauce, NicaraguaEl Sauce, Nicaragua.

A friend recently asked if it pays to be a good person.

Yes. I think so. Yes.

I do my best to do so and feel like I get paid back for it in the amazing experiences i have and the people I meet. If you really feel like you don't want to b a good person, then pretending is pointless, but that' snot what we're talking about. bad shit still happens; shitty people still get in. can't ever change that. but you can do your part in living how you want and treating others that way and in the end that's all that matters. that, and you might not think of it or know it necessarily, but as you do that, someone will see that out there and be impacted. you'll make differences to people you will never even know about .... true story.

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