Safari: It's amazing!

Hello from Kenya!

These guys are Big John and Jackson (guess who is who), my guides at Lion Camp. They are Masai. The safari outfit employs 98 percent of its staff as Masai tribes people, and their camps are on Masai owned conservancies. This is why I went there.

This is Landy our Land Rover that has to be the most awesome vehicle, ever. These guys were eagle eyes, spotting prides of lions from like, no joke, ¼ a mile away in the bushes, and last night? We saw a pride sitting down at night. They parked about 400m away, turned off the lights, I sat on top of the rover, laid down to look at the stars, and my direction was to get down and jump in when I heard the wildebeests run.

I was gazing and taking it all in when I heard a flock of birds coming, realized it was hundreds of wildebeests coming toward the car, and jumped in ninja style lightning fast.

They knew the lions would hunt. I chose the correct one they would split from the group and we saw a lion kill on the last night. Earlier in the day, a hyena fight in front of hippos and a crocodile, who watched, and we spotted a leopard and cub not once, but twice.

I told Big John and Jackson they were badass. In explaining what that meant, I said they were the shit. As we watched the lions eating the wildebeest, I said, “Oh, my god, how are we seeing this? This is amazing.”

From the darkness ahead of me, I hear under the Masai cloth, "We are the shit."

I nearly pissed myself laughing.