One question: A near miss.

I had an 8-hour bus ride today from rural western Kenya into Nairobi, and I'm tired. And need to do some uploading and real writing. The door opens to the guest house and the guy who is staying here also, who the keeper said was here, walks in. Ugh.

I want to be alone!

He's of course friendly, and asks what organization I'm with. I have been set up in a campus that has linguists and others translating bibles into other languages, I'm guessing mostly rare ones.

I tell him I've been way out there, helping to photograph communities of Tiriki and Maragolis. He says he's from the Congo and works with jungle communities there. And yes, the Lord's Resistance Army is still terrorizing villages.


And it's off... sometimes, it's just one question to remember how fascinating anyone walking by you can be.

I nearly did not say, “What are you doing here?”

Read his story here.