Slaughterhouse at 6

Sometimes I wonder why I'm exhausted. Then I think of a day. Today I got up at 6 and visited a traditional slaughterhouse and butchery, done by 9 a.m.

Remote areas kill animals and immediately butcher and sell... In hours. As far as death goes, it was about as humane for a cow as possible I guess, but it was scared and something died. You can't Unsee stuff. I made myself look .... It's life and this is what happens and better than being so far removed that you only see that cow as wrapped meat for $5 a pound.

A good reminder where it comes from. Went to the butcher and then the market. Open air. People one from all over that's where people get their food and clothes etc.

My host family played facilitator and got permissions ... People are skeptical of your intent. Think I was burned alive with the sun. It was Nicaragua blazing!!!!