English class in Nicaragua: Because of you!

August 3, 2014

This is your English class.
And THIS is really your English class.

We have FUN when we learn a new language.

The Friends Project rocks!

Every Sunday and Monday, Javier, Alonso, Cristian and the other students come in the afternoon, then again Monday at 7:15 a.m. before students arrive for class to practice.

Each time, someone makes a presentation, either about themselves, their family, whatever they wish. Last time, I learned Lester’s favorite film is “Rambo” and he likes reggaeton music and likes high school … which is great, since he’s a recipient of our scholarship.

Cristian played music for his presentation and then we all practiced conversation by my new favorite go-to activity: Make up your own movie scene based on a few themes. They all chose to do a scene that a Nicaraguan comedian may have done. Hilarious.

Some students are adults and members of the cooperatives, like Javier, who wants to better communicate with tourists on tours. Alonso, who is attending his first year of college with a Friends Project $300 scholarship, has decided he wants to become an English teacher while taking the class.

Every Friday, he gets a ride or walks down from Las Minitas to San Ramon outside El Sauce, which is a three-hour walk. In the morning, he rides a bus to school in Leon — 1.5 hours each way.
When he gets back in the late afternoon, he treks back up to Las Minitas — three hours. Despite getting back that night, he is there on Sunday for class, and Monday morning too.

THAT is your English class that generous donations, including the $1,040 raised at the July 23 pop-up exhibition and party, funds.