All is new.

today i rode on the back of a motorbike on a road in the country and would like to have enjoyed it more, if it were not for the voices in my head reminded me of all the road accidents here, and how no one drives at dark it's so dangerous ... but it was fun and already today i've interviewed a headmaster on preserving language, a teacher about stories passed from ancestors, tried to wrangle 30 elementary kids for a photo where they are running around the headmaster but NOT ON THE HEADMASTER or in front of him, peed in the hole (plus other stuff) like a PRO now, and passed some police blockades for looking at licenses, and in one minute on the bike saw a guy on his bicycle carrying about 20 pounds of wood, four people on a bike, and ... this guy was the BEST ... a guy on a bicycle with SEVEN CRATES STACKED ON TOP OF EACH OTHER ON HIS REAR SEAT.
Bungeed, but still that is a feat.
That's the wonder of travel. Everyday things ... are new.