Awesome, thanks from Africa!

Javier the teacher

I was only in town for a week after South America and before I left for Africa, which was really really a short time. Too short. I didn’t have time to get myself together and prepped, let alone have time to spend some time with my friends and loved ones.

I did, however, have a pop-up exhibition and party July 23 to share photos of the construction of the school in Las Minitas and what it was like to live in Nicaragua for the three months while we did so (though we got that baby up in about 5 weeks!) .. and to celebrate that WE DID IT!

WE did it! I’m just the conduit here: about 200 people contributed to the cause, of helping Las Minitas farmers and their families open a preschool.

About 60 of us spent the evening together, and I presented a slideshow of the construction, opening and life in Las Minitas, as well as some photos from 10 days in the Amazon of Peru.

After, we put on some Nicaraguan music, sprung out a bandana blindfold, grabbed a mop handles and busted a giant three-foot piñata Nicaraguan house-party style. That means whoever is doing the hitting has to dance while doing it, as we move the piñata on a rope up and down to make it a bit more difficult.

Everyone runs for the candy when it opens — everyone.
We then had some awesome cake that our friend Mandy Stein made, with The Friends Project logo and little monkeys and snakes in palm trees on the sides to commemorate the Amazon adventure.

Thanks to everyone who made it happen — Pamela Scully, Bob Krzaczek, my folks … — and everyone that came out or who wanted to be there.

and guess what?
With the coffee I lugged back fresh from Las Minitas that we sold, and outright donations, The Friends Project has $1,040 to go do awesome things.

We are starting with funding Javier (the main photo is of Javier!) and the English class in Las Minitas that the cooperative members have asked for, for another 3 months, through the fall.

Here's a photo of Alonso in English class:

Hey, again, we prove the power of everyday people to make a difference!
THANK YOU and onward!