About me...

I wrote this "About me" section when I joined Facebook, I don't know, maybe 8 years ago?

Life is short. Life is sweet.
Life is a bag of rocks smashing you in the head.
Life is the 2 a.m. conversations about your insane adventures, wishes, hopes and dreams with strangers, with beloved friends and those who are drawn to you as you are drawn to them with that amazing and beautiful "internal magnet" no one really understands.
Life is that box of chocolates if you're brave enough to put yourself out there.
Life is what you make of it and I'm giving it a run for it's money.

I ended it with this quote from a friend of mine, who survived genocide in Sudan and has done remarkable things to rebuild this country:

The things that are impossible are the things you refuse to do
— John Dau

It all still rings true.
I would also say that life is definitely what you put into it and wow, is it short. It feels shorter all the time, even on the longest of days.