Caution: Stray piranha on board!

the piranha that jumped inside the boat and hit me in the shoulder!

We are driving along in the tuk-tuk ... the small covered, wooden boats so prevlant in the Amazon, with a small outboard motor and put-putting along.

We are on the Amazon, four hours from the nearest port, of Nauta, looking for pink dolphins that had surfaced along the boat, and BAM!

Something wet and with a little weight hits my shoulder.

Beside my right foot on the fake-grass mat of the tuk-tuk is a very white, very shiny, very tooth and very flapping around PIRANHA!

It's a good 2 feet from water surface to the boat edge; he must be a very good jumper!

We caught him, took some photos careful to avoid the teeth and then released him to safer bounces.

— at Amazon River, near Nauta, Peru