It's Nica cowboy time.

Here's the artisan who made my one souvenir I'm bringing home from El Sauce: A leather belt, black of course, with a big silver belt buckle like the "vaceros" (va-care-ohs) wear up in Las Minitas and, as I'm told, during festivals.

He and his dad own a saddle-making shop half a block up from the bus terminal.

They offered to bring a buckle for me from Esteli, where it's apparently the place to get big silver belt buckles. Their friend the bus driver didn't get to one in time, so he went himself to León to find what I wanted — a cow head/skull and stars.

When I saw them, I first thought, oh man that is TOO much! Huge buckle and the cow's head with horns in bright gold, with black flowers or vines or something behind it.

Then I thought, nah! It's going to look SWEET with my black clothes, black knee-high motorcycle boots and maybe a leather jacket.

Kellan says my first feeling was correct: He is wrong.