That aha (smack yourself in the head) moment

me at Machu Picchu

A German girl in the hostel broke her camera. Why go to Machu Picchu if you can't take photos?

She was going to go to a camera store to have it "fixed." I'm no techie, I said, but I am a photographer. Let me have a look. Maybe you're camera isn't broken but the battery's toast.

We plugged it in to the hostel computer and after some minutes the little light went on. Deciphering leads us to believe that wherever she plugged it in last didn't charge; fixed.

I then tried to plug in her USB cable to my Nikon ... of which my most beloved photos are held hostage for need of a card reader.

Which you cannot find pretty much anywhere in Peru, or a CF size memory card for that matter. I've looked.

The cable didn't fit. She looked at the hole and said, it looks more like a phone size.

I got my phone cable, knowing I would prove myself an unobersvant moron.

My mobile phone cable fits and works just fine. I've been carrying it for four months, and all the time with me since we hit Lima!

I'd smack myself in the head but I'm too excited to be able to free up my images on this computer that I borrowed from Kellan.

Aha, you idiots!

My photos up to this point, are free at last!

— in Arequipa, Peru