I'm trying to write a story about the school here and some girl behind me is talking ridiculous things, complaining about the slight headache she has here in Arequipa at 7,500 feet with altitude sickness.
I hiked 20 miles up to 13,500 feet with bloody noses, exhausted, WITH asthma, stopping every 20 feet from dizziness, and wanted to puke every few minutes.
Man up wimp, and stop 'yer bellyaching!
I suspect I'll be sleeping outside on the floating islands of Lake Titicaca the highest elevated navigable lake in the world, feeling like I want to vomit all over those reeds and pass out, but I'll just do it.
She also keeps calling the hostel a Hos-TELL for some inexplicable reason.

Ok. Less snarky, more writing. :-)