Bravo, fat camp!

Travel and living in El Sauce, Nicaragua is the best diet ever.

It's 100 degrees in April and May. You sweat your face off, all the time. You walk around, hike, have fun, have the time of your life with these amazing people ...

and hauling bricks around and sifting sand and mixing cement to build the preschool all adds up to losing 25 pounds in 3 months. No one really is into sugar in Nicaragua and I dropped my sugar cravings. (Course, they are now back at high altitudes. they told me to eat more carbs and sugar to stave off "soracha," and I listened!)

It's the best, most fun, fat camp ever.
Really, we should market this.

Fat camp, but fantastic: No effort but having the time of your life.

Who wouldn't take that offer~!!!