The small world breakfast table.

our hodge podge of small world at breakfast in Arequipa

When I bought my one-way ticket to Limerick, the train cashier in Dublin was baffled that I would go live in "Stab City."

It's not the most exciting city in Ireland but I liked it quite much and it still has a bad rep. Warring families stabbing each other in neighborhoods and all.

The guy and girl at the end of the breakfast table in the hostel had a good time reminsicing ... they are from Dublin.

Anton, on the left, is living in León, it turns out, an hour and a half away from El Sauce. Can't believe I haven't bumped into him in the street all the times I was in León (anyone recognize him?)

And Kelly, on the right, turns out is from Penfield, NY ... like 15 miles from my house in Rochester.

I know this because she also is studying in the same city as the people you cant' see, to my right.

Small-world table right here. Love it when that happens.

— in Arequipa, Peru