Free culture? Sign me up. Maybe with Mato, the Ping Pong playing cat?

After a long day of sorting out tickets taking me literally around the world (God bless Air Treks, for sure), and spending 6 hours to save $1,200 (WORTH IT!!) I'm knackered as my friends in Ireland taught me.

I've discovered through one more search that the folklore ballet troup is performing for free at 7PM ... dances and poems and stuff from the Andes. Free is on my budget and culture is always on the list.

Will ask where the best place to eat some "puchero" soup with chicken, beef, corn and other native ingredients I can't remember, then head over, and continue working on writing when I get home.

This is what this hostel is for a total of 9 days. Five in, and the owner of the tiny bodega is greeting me. I might do a little blip called "One Block" and find some others, knock on doors, and paint a little picture of who is here on this one block, in this one city, in this one dot on the world.

It's easy how you can adapt to a communal living system. Maybe I'll even learn to play pool. Right now the hostel attendant is playing ping pong with Mato, the cat. It's very very cute.