Last day in Cusco

Beautiful last day in Cusco. Perfect sky and seventy. The anniversary of Cusco is this month so there's tons of festivals. Today students made floats depicting areas and customs. I like the tomato eating corn.

Took an overnight bus 11 hours to Arequipa after watching the nailbiter US vs. Portugal game (crazy final thirty seconds!) ... I actually slept most the trip.

At one point it felt like we were careening down for an hour , which is likely, but I decided I didn't want to open the curtain to look. Would I really want to know? I then dreamed we were doing just that and people were screaming.

I woke up in Arequipa as I was dreaming Jakob Dylan left the restaurant he was playing a surprise concert in to walk the streets with me.

I haven't even taken my malaria pills yet.