About last night ...

![Members of music groups from the countryside and El Sauce after their sets
yesterday went a little bit like this:

•go in pick-up to help pick up and set up 500 plastic chairs at front of the stage for the biggest concert of the year here that Enlace Project put on.

•sweat through two changes of clothes.

Yep. I'm that sweaty.

•wear giant midget head.

•photograph one of the most beloved folk singer in Nicaragua history with his tech and band and eat dinner with them.

•photograph a concert with a Geneseo professor and Carlos Meija Godoy (the Nica).
Carlos Meija Godoy

•stand on stage to photograph crowd and try not to cry in the song that makes me cry. Every time. Did not cry.

•take photograph of coolest bench of people ever from traditional Nica bands from the country, which turns out to look like the 1950s in its styling and how people are hanging out. (lead photo)

•end concert clean-up with friends in giant midget head and 12-foot tall woman puppet running around between chairs.

• dancing in a room so full of revelers to reggaeton that it literally was like standing in a shower, with my two favorite dance partners. Pelon and Casper, the welder who helped craft and place the bars on the window of the school.


Have epiphany sometime during House of Pain's "Jump Around" that in fact I have learned to dance WITH someone because I'm dancing to "Jump Around" in the Nica style, which is to say hand around someone's waist, moving in concert and close. I never thought this was possible with me, to any song. This is why Casper is the bomb. Course, this is why I love to dance with Casper and Pelon; they are dancing faster and at my pace.

•Talking outside the bar in the street long after it closed

• Going home to find a new gathering of other people outside my door in the living room

• Deciding i can wait the extra 45 and see the sun come up outside the door.