Yo deretir me. (or, help me, I'm melting)

It is so hot it feels like I'm baking from the inside.
When I shower and dry my hair, I have to unplug the fan for the 2 minutes this takes, and I hate that. I must stop leaving the house with wet hair. Nothing catches the sweat and it pours down my cheeks and into my eyes.
Mendel and I went to some houses today to take photos for the tourism association; about 4 blocks each away from the other. Halfway, we decided we had to visit Eskimo, the ice cream place in town.
Relief was great for about 5 minutes it took to eat it.
Then back to baking.
I feel like a roasted chicken. I wonder if my skin is as tasty.

P.S. Bonus: I've lost 16 pounds from sweating nonstop.