Own it.

So there's a small cadre of gay guys here in El Sauce, a place that seems ok open to them in a country not known for its incredible openness on this topic. I am looking at one of them right now, who is in the English class.

The other day I walked out a door and saw a few of his crew walking down the street.

I danced the bachata they taught me the night before, they wished me a happy Mother's Day because while I'm not a mother I'm a mommy or something like that, and they said they were going to a meeting of the gays to talk about homophobia.

"It is very hard life for us in this country to be gay," my friend told me. "I think it is much more accepted in the United States."

I told him generally, yes, and I wished for them the best because why should anyone care what their preference is; it does not have anything to do with anyone or the person inside.

He kissed me on the cheek in front of the guys on the corners hanging out and sauntered off with his swagger that should be trademarked ... for a self-help meeting or revolution?

I love these guys. They are characters for sure and they have guts. It is difficult for many people I have met to be themselves, and to be yourself in a culture that does not necessarily embrace that "self" or wishes you were a different self, takes fortitude most of us don't have a need to use.

(This post needs a photo. George will be my first Humans of El Sauce entry. He and his friends also threw the party of the year here a few weeks ago, with a stage and lights and fantastic reggaeton.)